Project Management

From the search for a plot to the turnkey property, BIWA takes care of every detail of your construction project in Mallorca and is a trustworthy partner who reliably stands by your side from start to finish. BIWA works with selected experts in their respective fields: estate agents, lawyers, architects, surveyors, engineers, constructors, builders, plumbers, electricians.... You don't have to take care of anything!

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Property search | BIWA Mallorca

Property search

With our extensive network of property scouts, we can help you find the perfect plot of land for your property, in the most suitable location for you.

Project development | BIWA Mallorca

Project development

Together with you and the respective experts, we develop and analyse all details of your construction project, including all administrative and legal issues.

Project outline | BIWA Mallorca

Project outline

Our local architects and civil engineers design and plan all the details of your property before we take care of a quick licensing process.

Project management | BIWA Mallorca

Project management

From the first to the last brick of the construction of your house, we carefully and conscientiously monitor and control all work steps.

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Project Details

Architecture | BIWA Mallorca


  • Technical basis evaluation
  • Examination of legal building conditions
  • Building physics planning
  • Static calculations
  • Elaboration of all construction plans
  • Photorealistic representation in 3D
Construction management | BIWA Mallorca

Construction management

  • Cost calculation and budget planning
  • Request for all licences and permits
  • Selection of suitable craftsmen
  • Coordination of all construction parties
  • Technical contract management
  • Scheduling with process optimisation
Construction | BIWA Mallorca


  • Preparation of the plot
  • Setting up the construction site
  • Excavation and laying of foundations
  • Construction of the exterior walls
  • Construction of the interior walls
  • Roof construction and covering
Interior work | BIWA Mallorca

Interior work

  • Installation of the doors and windows
  • Insulation and cladding of the exterior walls
  • Installation work (heating, electrics, plumbing, ...)
  • Finishing of walls and floors
  • Kitchen and sanitary installations
  • Furnishing and final acceptance
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