Natural Living

BIWA Mallorca creates turnkey living spaces that perfectly combine functionality, economy and resource-saving sustainability. The high value of our properties extends from the careful selection of the plots, to the well-considered architectural concept, and to the detailed implementation of the work. BIWA stands for environmentally conscious and energy-saving construction with the highest standards in terms of quality of services and materials used. Each property stands out for its individuality and pursues the vision of taking living to a higher level. Convince yourself and contact us for more information about our properties and other services.

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Real Estate

Real <span>Estate</span> | BIWA | Mallorca

Do you also dream of a house in Mallorca, the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean? BIWA sells turnkey properties designed and built from scratch with the highest standard of quality.

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Project Management

Project <span>Management</span> | BIWA | Mallorca

Are you looking for a professional partner for your real estate project in Mallorca? BIWA will support you in word and deed as a trustworthy partner and will ensure the success of your project.

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Renovation Redevelopment

Renovation <span>Redevelopment</span> | BIWA | Mallorca

Does your house need a renovation? Or do you even need a redevelopment of your property? BIWA will help you professionally and promptly with minor cosmetic corrections as well as core rebuilds.

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Interior Design

Interior <span>Design</span> | BIWA | Mallorca

Do you want to feel really comfortable and at home in your house? With great attention to detail, BIWA creates individual concepts for the interior of your property and fills your rooms with life and warmth.

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